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Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Host Murder Unscripted, a new interactive murder mystery game offered by Host-Party.com.

Stand out from your competition by offering your guests dinner and a show. Recently introduced from www.host-party.com, Murder Unscripted is a fully-scripted murder mystery game written for seven characters and an audience ranging from 10 to 500 people. The game is especially suited to a dinner-theater atmosphere where guests are seated.

The plot revolves around a publishing company that has submitted to a television audience for two months. Every move inside the company is filmed, and at the end of each week, America votes for the employee they love to hate. The employee with the most votes is sent to the board room where CEO Ronald Crump decides his or her fate. But before Ronald makes another cut, he keels over. It’s a homicide.

The fast-moving plot allows for various audience members to participate and provides your audience with a chance to vote by show of hands. It was created with a wide variety of individuals in mind and therefore does not include any adverse language or social taboos. Add value to your venue by creating lasting memories!

Murder Unscripted, by Leah Genuario, can be purchased at www.host-party.com. Its individual URL is http://www.host-party.com/Home/Viewsynopsis/119 .

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