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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Review - "Death of the Godfather"

Below is a good example of how the Host-Party.com Murder Mystery Games are enjoyed. This is an actual review from a party host:

"Great fun and good laughs.  Characters all played their parts and dressed in 40's gangster/moll doll fashions.  We had traditional Italian food, chianti, chicken parmigiana, braciole, tiramisu and cannoli. Generally great portrayal by characters everyone acted "out" and some over-actors (j.k.).  No one guessed the murderer!  I had clue kits with flashlight, mints, little tablet, custom pencils (Explicitly Your Pencils.com)and for each round in envelopes and The Solution Round in Red!  Great time with this event and it is the second one I've done and themed perfectly."
--- Debbie & John (4/19/11)

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