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Wednesday, August 10, 2011



Tuesday, May 01, 2007
2007 KBCO MIller Lite Kinetics Challenge,
Watch a real mystery unfold as the Host-Party.com team fields their first ever Kinetics craft in the 2007 KBCO Miller Lite Kinetic Sculpture Challenge. This challenge will require each team to zigzag through a water, land and mud course while performing outlandish stunts and thwarting all forms of competition. The contest is as much about the pomp, spirit and pageantry of the contestants as it is about the winning the race... A perfect forum for our cast. Host-Party has assembled a motley crew of weekend warriors (meet the team) who have selected the team name SMAC and have designed their craft in a Pirate Theme. 
Fortunately for all, our team won a contest from KBCO, and was give a craft to build from. Since then KBCO, has tracking the progress on their website and during their morning show with Brett Saunders.
On April 28th, our team 'made a spectacle of themselves' at the kinetics parade by blowing away a panel of local celebrity judges with our ambitious pirate skit. Now we wait and see how we will do in the challenge itself. Stay tuned...

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