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Saturday, July 6, 2013

NEW: "A Teen Star Whodunit"

Host-Party.com is excited to announce the release of our latest mystery murder party game:
"A Teen Star Whodunit". Set in the glamorous Hollyworld Hotel, the “Rock the Teen World” Grand Celebration is overshadowed by the murder of one of the honorees.

The “Rock the Teen World” Grand Celebration honoring the top teenage cinema stars has been dampened and delayed by the unforeseen murder of one of the honorees!  Who, at this totally talented event, murdered the young entertainer?  All guests will have fun playing their unique characters and displaying their talents, while investigating this unpredictable outcome.  Everyone is a suspect....So, come join the fun!

This simple to use teen murder mystery for 6-12 people is a great way to move a party and have lots of fun.   Become a star and spend an exciting and entertaining evening with your friends at the "Rock the Teen World" Grand Celebration and discover whodunit!

Learn more about at: Learn more about A Teen Star Whodunit

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