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Friday, July 29, 2011

Review - "Trailer Trash Tragedy"

Below is a review from another fun mystery party game, "Trailer Trash Tragedy"...One of over 150 games offered at Host-Party.com:

"We had an absolute blast.  I turned our house into a trailer park, christmas lights, pinwheels, lawn ornaments, used a bassinet as a cooler, spam pyramid, hostess desert tower, nascar posters, pork rinds, and loads of other details all around the house.  Everyone came in character and really got into it.  It was our first time and I was not sure how everyone would react.  A total home run.  Story was fun and no one actually guessed the murdered.  The best part was the beer pong table, we played between rounds and it really helped loosen everyone up.  The word is spreading, others want in and everyone wants to know when the next party is.  We will be doing this every 4 months or so.  Great product.  Thanks."
--- Thomas S.- Poughkeepsie, NY (1/22/10)

Trailer Trash Tragedy.

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