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Wednesday, June 26, 2013


"Whodunit"...Follow us at Host-Party.com for a large selection of murder mystery party games.


  1. For anyone who has some free time two evenings a week, The summer St. Swithin's Murder Mystery Game is scheduled to begin July 15, 2013, but completed player applications much be returned before July 12. There is room for only four more players, so request an application today!

    Playwright Steven Anthony George designed this game six months ago and we took it for a test run in the spring. His good friend and talented author, Chris Lawrence (http://jchrislawrence.com/), is lead storywriter. Chris was a player in the test game in the April. The winner of April's game, Stephanie Collins, will be acting as game moderator, so she'll be brimming with wise advice for players. Object of the game: Discover the hidden secrets of your fellow resort guests and uncover the murderer before everyone is killed!

    This is a game of role-playing, puzzle/mystery solving, and (more than anything) strategy! The theme and style is like Clue meets Saw. So, if you're into that, then sign up! The game is played as a closed Facebook group, but it's open to anyone aged thirteen and over who may be interested and the winner DOES get a prize. The goal is to eventually run it through a dedicated website. If you ever thought it might be fun to find yourself on an island resort where everyone is slowly getting killed off, then please request a player application packet NOW from stswithins.resort@gmail.com or by leaving a message on our page: https://www.facebook.com/StSwithins. Application MUST be completed and returned no later than July 11, 2013.

  2. Sounds like a fun event. How many players are involved and how many weeks does it last?